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Our Services:
*All Types Of Massage:
*Remedial/*Deep Tissue
Sports/*Hot Stone
Pregnancy massage
*4-Handed Massage

*Reflexology (Foot/hand/ear)
*Ionic Detox Foot Bath
*Ear Candling
* Sauna/*Body Scrub

*Dry Needling
*3 in 1 Package

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Robertwhipt·25 November 2019 - 11:43pmFor sure, isn't a perfect place to share my equestrian hobby, but I have to start somewhere, so I thought that this category will be ok.

Matter for several riders. Some riders don't feel the need to use them and
consider them an unnecessary accessory, while others can't imagine functioning
without them. What is the truth? In case you decide to use a rug, which one would be
suitable for your horse? It's true that in their
Natural habitat, horses do just fine with no amenities as rugs. But,
we must note that horses functioning in horse riding do not possess the exact same functioning conditions as the horses residing in their natural habitat. To start with, horses training below the saddle are usually shaven, which damages
their natural protective coating against low temperatures. Most time when it's
cold outdoors, these horses spend indoors, where they're not subject to reduced temperatures. Even the matter of a different diet is crucial here. This is why
we can't expect them to possess the immunity that their free brothers possess. While
changing the horses' habits and environment, we need to provide them with
protection against the negative effects of e.g. weather. For this very reason we've got various kinds of rugs. Which kind would be useful to your horse and
when to use it? We will try to describe that.

In stores it is possible to encounter these kinds of rugs:

Training -- this kind of rug is put on together with a
saddle. It will be perfect for colder days. We should mention that
training with them should not be too exhausting, because your horse could have difficulty with losing heat excess from your system. Dry -- usually made from fleece another material with moisture-absorbing properties. This type of rugs is usually
used after instruction so as to dry the horse. In stores, you can locate them as
fleece rugs. Stable -- recommended for shaved horses. They
should protect the horse from cooling too far, but in the same time they
don't block air flow, so the horse does not sweat. To be utilised in stalls. It will protect
your horse against the wind and light rain. Made of substances easy to clean. Rain -- it protects your horse's coat from becoming wet during rain. Mostly they're made to be as waterproof as possible. Fly -- utilized to protect the horse from insects.
Normally made from mesh material. This kind of a rug is super helpful in the
summertime, in which horses are particularly susceptible to insects' bites of all
kinds. Winter --
rugs with cushioning. Usually it is possible to pick from a couple
of thickness of cushioning for a single model. Shipping -- to be utilized to protect the horse
during transportation.

Another thing would be to adjust the
Proper length. Namely, how to select appropriate dimensions for our horse. Particular producers have different size markers. There is a rule where for components of duration is the duration of the rug on the horse's back. This value is crucial for choosing the proper size. Even in case you've got an S, M, or L dimensions, it refers to the rug's span on the
horse's back. Obviously, it's best when you're able to take a look at a graph when all the rug's dimensions are mentioned. Then you
can be confident a given size will suit your horse properly.

As you can
See, by employing proper rug you can help your horse in managing unpleasant
Weather, insects, or protect him during transportation. Additionally, You should not overdo
The entire carpet item. If you use them when they are not needed, you can disturb
Your horse's natural thermal self-regulation. But you need to remember
That with no rug once the weather is bad, you undermine your horse e.g. into a
Higher chance of getting cold.

Ben Zan·22 October 2019 - 04:40pmHi there,

Looking to reach out to the practice manager - we're a Digital Marketing agency that specializes in generating leads for local Gyms.

Our current Gyms are seeing on average 5x - 6x ROI through our lead generation guarantee program.

We're based in North Sydney, would love to setup a phone call with the appropriate person.

Let me know Ben.
Phone: +61 02 8073 4475

Nah·13 October 2018 - 05:35pmThe worst experience ever. Would never recommend or return. I visited in fitzgibbon and was unimpressed from the moment the lady had realized that she had double booked. I rescheduled for the next day and got nothing that I went there for.. I left before she got out her dodgy foot spa I could buy from Kmart myself.

Sheradene·29 June 2018 - 06:37pmGreat customer service, Angela and Nicki were very friendly and delivered a great quality massage to my partner and I for a great price! We will be returning regularly :)

Naomi·22 April 2018 - 11:14amExcellent customer service. Angela is great. Will definitely be coming back.

Deirdre de Swardt·17 April 2018 - 08:38amHi
I am from the Sunshine Coast and coming to Brisbane on Saturday, I was wondering if you have any vacancies for me and my partner. I don't want to pay for the groupon until I know you can fit us in. Thanks

Lisa·13 March 2018 - 04:36pmThe massage was wonderful. It really helped because we had bad back problems. The quality of the massage was really more than good and the team is absolutely friendly. 100% recommendation!!
Thanks Jaja and Hank!!

Saheda·06 March 2018 - 08:30amI have been going for weekly treatments with Angela for my bad back which I have had for several years. Angela does a 3 in 1 treatment and she is excellent in targeting the areas that are sore. Angela really understands how the body works. I am truly grateful to you Angela for relieving my pains.

Clare·30 November 2017 - 11:22amAngela has been a miracle worker
I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and not only has she helped reduce my pain levels, her work has increased my energy levels. I was able to complete my degree and specifically my practical experience through her help. She uses her skills to recommend specific work that includes not only massage but some cupping and acupuncture. I have learnt to trust her judgement and work with her to achieve amazing results. Thanks for your help Angela.

Saad·16 October 2017 - 07:23pmAngela is awesome

Peter Kolb·14 September 2017 - 01:34pmI've been seeing Angela for the last couple of months. She has been treating me with her unique style 3in1 treatment acupuncture, cupping and massage, for a back problem I've had for the last couple of years. The treatment worked wonders from the first time. Over time I've seen continual improvements. Thanks very much Angela.

Sabin Syangtan·08 August 2017 - 02:01pmWow what a experience i had today.
i had confusion on selecting the place for a proper massage but now its over and I've found it.
Frances , what a professional, was on point with great company.
I'd love to visit again

Vanessa·14 May 2017 - 10:50amI have been searching for a long time to find somewhere to get my massages where they actually know what they are doing. Finally my search is over and I had the best massage I have had in a very long time. Thank you so much and I will be back 😁

Romy·03 May 2017 - 07:16pmI thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Frances, she was very professional and skilled in her techniques. Her magic fingers worked hard to get out all the knots in my back leaving me feeling so much looser and freer. One of the best massages I have had in a while, I was in heaven! The foot massage at the start was pure bliss! Highly recommended.

kristella·19 January 2017 - 03:16pmenquiring about hours open and when to book in - looking at a massage for 2 also have a groupon.

Malcolm·05 January 2017 - 12:09pmI have been getting massages for 25 years as I exercise regularly and my body needs relief from tightness and general soreness. I have been using Angela for over 12 months now and I am extremely impressed and pleased with her knowledge and understanding of how to give me the correct treatment and relief. She is wonderful at communicating and i would strongly recommend her to anyone that wants to feel and get better.

Kim·12 October 2016 - 05:56pmIve misplaced a ring after a visit to your place on 11 Oct. It is very distingtive it is shaped like a spanner. Have you seen it?

Michael·02 July 2016 - 09:36pmAngela's massage helped relieve alot of stress I'd been experiencing. It also helped with the tension I'd developed in my back from body building.

Highly recommended

Vince B·22 June 2016 - 08:59pmAmazing!!!! My doctor told me I'd probably have pain in my elbow forever. A few visits with Angela and it's gone.

Angela, you are a genius and an amazing healer. Thank you.
Don't wait....go and see her now. Very highly recommended.

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