Problems Cupping Can Treat

Cupping can be used to treat sprains, injuries to soft tissues, sore backs, hips or related pain, fluid retention, bronchitis, asthma or congestion among other complaints. Cupping works in a similar way to acupuncture, working as it does on the subtle energy channels in the body to treat stagnant energy and encouraging the flow of qi.

Increased blood flow into the cupping area allows that part of the body to heal more quickly by bringing toxins to the surface, which can then be released through the pores. By causing tissues to release toxins, cupping clears energy blockages and activates the lymphatic system. Several cups are usually placed on the body simultaneously and then left for up to 15 minutes. This fixed-position cupping can also be combined with "sliding” cupping in which the cups are moved to other points along different energy channels or meridians during a treatment session. The movement is facilitated by oil on the skin.

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